Mac Medical PT1001 General Transport Stretcher

  • These stretchers feature effortless steering, pivoting and cornering with 8″ Tente casters (1 directional and 3 swiveling) and 6 brake/steer pedals, plus a full perimeter bumper to protect your walls and fixtures
  • Dual pedestal lift mechanism with lift/Trendelenburg pedals on both sides; can be positioned into +/- 18° Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg
  • Fold-forward side rails with built-in push handles and dual Fowler assisted lift backrest with 90° adjustability
  • Also features 4″ comfort mattress; ergonomically located oxygen tank holder; 2-hook removable telescoping IV pole and 6 IV pole sockets; large storage area underneath for patient belongings; 4 restraint belt locations
  • 750 lb. weight capacity
  • Height adjustment of 22″ to 35″ (measured to bottom of mattress)